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You brought home a brand new pet and have no idea how to raise him? Considering that only the most expensive branded ready meals are best for your dog can often be a mistake.

What is important is to give your dog, healthy dog food, that is best suited for their age, size, and level of activity. Sometimes simple home cooked meals suffice, while some dogs may have specific requirements. Depending upon the size and breed of your dog you can figure out healthy food options for your pet.

Know more about branded healthy dog food options

You often read packets of dog food with words like, ‘gourmet’, ‘natural’, ‘calorie dense’ etc. You must not completely go by what the food packet says. A well marketed product doesn’t mean it is actually the best.

A branded meal option must suit both the dog as well as your pocket. When looking for healthy dog food, always refer to your vet who will be able to pick out the best option that suits you both. You can check out the post made by Adam to help you further.

What warning signs to watch out for?

If you dog starts vomiting, has bouts of diarrhea, foul smelling stools or gets too gassy, or even if he/she refuses meals you must figure out that the dog isn’t doing well on the food provided and a change is required.

Dogs may experience hives or rashes across their skin in case if they are allergic to certain components in the meals. You must pay close attention to all the signs.

Another factor to watch out for is your dog’s weight. Healthy dog food given in moderate quantities will not make your dog over weight. However, certain meals contain empty calories and useless fillers which give rise to extra weight in dogs.

Always ensure you healthy dog food contains all the essential nutrients in the right quantities best suited for your dog.