Category: Wine

For the aficionados:

If you were to ask me which are the best places to buy wine, my answer could range from the nearest store that is to your house to a big wine chain store that is a couple of miles away. The reason for my range will be that even though there are a lot of places where you can pick and choose your bottle of magic, still it depends on the situation when you are craving one and you realize that your personal bar has given it up on you!

Why I prefer to do online:

I have been ordering my favorite always online because most of the times work to keep me on my toes and when you are on business trips, you surely have a lot many opportunities to shop at duty-free stores at airports but it is the not the most professional thing to do!

So, just before I am scheduled to reach home, I time my wine delivery at my favorite online wine store so that I come home and relax. By the way, online shopping for wine such as Tempranillo is not highly recommended because you can be duped with substandard wine or something that is not even remotely red wine or sourced from Spain. For the exotic wines such as this, you will need to take out time to visit the store and hand pick it!

Online shopping for wine can mean more costly!

No, it’s not the contents. It is the weight of the bottle. Wine bottles made of glass are heavier and the shipping charges can set you back by at least $15 to $20. That makes the wine costly. But like I said already, it is all about convenience. I rather pay a little more and get it step delivered than drive all the way out and get it slightly cheaper. In the end, it is all about priorities!