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Why wear the mundane, boring t-shirts that are available in bulk, when you can shop for something that is unlike any other? Whether you have an occasion that requires a custom t-shirt or if you wish to stand out in a crowd, a conventional t-shirt will simply not work.

Designing your own t-shirt is a creative and cool way to make sure you or your group are like no other. Depending on the occasion or the purpose behind the t-shirt there are several designs that can help you and your group stand out in a crowd. Check out the amazing collection at Teesnow and look like a million bucks.

Here are a few ideas to help you shop for the coolest and best custom t-shirt one can create.

Design well in advance

It is best to start working on a custom t-shirt well in advance so you do not have to rush or end up copying the conventional. Depending on the occasion, choose a design that suits the occasion, the crowd attending the event and if the t-shirt suits the weather conditions. You can look out for some of the latest trends in season for the event and choose the best one.

Avoid too much detailing: While looking into finer details is good, designing a t-shirt that has too many factors could be a tricky situation. It would mean people have to spend way too long staring at the t-shirt, which might even get offensive for the person. Always design a t-shirt that people understand at a glance.

Keep the humor understated: There is a thin line between being offensive and being funny. Make sure you do not cross the line, or design a t-shirt that is too embarrassing to be worn by everyone.

Keep in mind the people wearing it: If you have a crowd including men and woman or varying ages, you might want to design a t-shirt that is appropriate for all. Never simply look at one group or sex while designing.

You can also surf the internet and look out for the best designs and creations for the occasion.…