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There are various types of cooking in this world that have evolved over time, for example Barbeque is something that has become more popular these days, similarly sous vide is a type of cooking that originated in France and it is becoming popular. People are now trying to find out the best sous vide cooker of 2017 to buy to make delicious sous vide cooked food.

The following are some of the traits of a good sous vide cooker

Accuracy: The reason why one chooses a sous vide cooker is that the temperature has to be uniform throughout and hence having hot and cold spots of water is a no brainer. In cases like cooking eggs even a 1 degree inaccuracy could make a lot of difference to the final output. Thus go for a cooker that has good accuracy.

Speed: Though the principle of sous vide is to cook at lower temperatures than normal and to allow food to be cooked longer, it is not pragmatic in this modern world. Besides there is no point in waiting for water to get heated to desired temperature for long, thus a power heater is needed to get the water to desired heat as quickly as possible.

Adaptability: A good cooker should occupy only reasonable amount of space. It should also be flexible to accommodate different sized vessels. The product should also be robust and stable enough to handle usual wear and tear. Wi-Fi connectivity is another important factor these days, however the on board settings should also be there and should suffice our day to day needs.

Cost: Ideally price should not matter for a good product. However there is no point in shelling extra money for a brand just because the brand is popular. There are good cookers available at a lesser cost as well. So do not just fall for jazzy exteriors and pricey brands, look for one that has better traits overall and buy that.