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Size does not matter anymore when it comes to people and their weights. Earlier one used to be laughed at or advised endlessly, if they were even a little plum. Times changed from an ideal woman being curvy to a woman being able to fit into a size zero dress.

Earlier a woman was judged for beauty based on how curvy she was. Women used to wear multiple layers of clothing to enhance a curvy body and a broad waist. Then came the onslaught of fashion industry, when people were made to believe being thin is beautiful.

As time passed, women started taking this weight issue to extremes and started reducing weight to look almost skeletal. While this was being appreciated and encouraged by many modeling agencies, other organizations and women groups started opposing such an unhealthy practice.

As a result agencies having models below the minimum BMI were fined and the models were not allowed to walk the ramp. This was the much needed wakeup call which forced the models to eat real food rather than going on their water or liquid diets, air and light diets, etc.

Plus Size

Slowly the world started accepting women of all sizes and the women of the heavier side got a size to represent them. This was the plus size and today almost every clothing out has a plus size collection. There are many stores that cater only to the plus size people.

Though this may be a little depressing for those trying to lose weight, they will be pacified by the sheer number of people they run into, who are on the heavier side. This illustrates that there are many people who are on the heavier side and don’t fit into this size zero parameters.

Yoga is very efficient in keeping a plus size person healthy without much exertion. Today one can get hold of the best plus size yoga pants in every store and use them to improve their confidence level.…

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