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How To Earn MUT Coins Fast?

With Madden 18 in place, the Ultimate Team is back along with its fantastic team of players and I could not have been happier when I finally laid my hands on the game. However, very soon I ran out of items that came along with my initial pack and had two options left. Either I had to spend real money or earn as many coins as I could to get more coins and packs to help keep me in the game for longer.

Is there a way out?

There are a number of ways in which you can earn Madden coins fast and in this article, I will discuss the ways that I adopted to earn these coins instead of using real currency to buy them. The first step that I followed was to complete all the tutorials that I was given. This was one of the easiest ways in which I found cheap MUT coins. While it coul certainly be a drag, it does give you a good amount to start playing the game with.

There are these Solo Challenges that will also help you to earn easy coins. There are a number of these challenges through the course of the game and if you devote enough time and energy to the game, you will be able to earn a ton of these coins.

Yet another way out is to complete the list of tasks and objectives that appear everyday. These generally appear in the form of “Win A Game” or “Complete The Set” etc, after the completion of which, you will receive a good amount of coins that will come in very handy in the game.

It is not difficult to earn MUT coins in the game and there is absolutely no need to spend real money in order to buy them. A couple of challenges and a decent game play will help you earn the coins faster.…

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