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You could be very close to your general practitioner but it still could be difficult to walk on to his office mid day and announce that you would like to be tested for STD’s. It is most definitely not something everyone is comfortable talking about. Although it is important that it be identified and treated immediately. The symptoms are very common and could easily be confused with other infections like yeast or even ingrown hair. Only an experienced practitioner after the test results could come to conclusion. It causes embarrassment to the person who wants to get tested and that is the main reason why people want it to be confidential.

The person who is worried he or she might have STD is often not open about it for the fear of being judged by people around. There are several private and public organizations which offer anonymous and private STD testing where the whole process is kept confidential. It is assured that only your name and basic details like a billing address will be linked to your reports. Internet is a boon to find out different ways on how to get tested for stds confidentially. As per federal laws and privacy laws no test results of any patient should be divulged without the patients consent. Any medical record is kept personal and results for these confidential tests are expected to be kept private. If you are not too keen on discussing with your doctor, you could contact the private organizations for your peace of mind. You can then choose to see your doctor with the results. These organizations provide both private and anonymous STD testing which means you can choose to divulge your details, basic details or none at all and they keep everything very secure and private.…