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No matter what everyone says or asks not to, the final choice with regards to just about any decision always remains personal. So when you consider a luxury watch, whether or not to buy a brand new one or whether it is okay to buy a pre-owned one is also personal.

While buying anything new has a charm of its own, we listed some of the top reasons why buying a pre-owned Rolex is also a good idea. I am buying an affordable pre-owned diamond Rolex Datejust, and I am totally thrilled about here. Here are some reasons why:

You get to own Rolex at a significantly lower price: This is by far one of the biggest advantages. As with any luxury item, the prices of a Rolex only depreciate with time. And so you get to buy a premium quality watch at a price that is far less than what it originally is available at.

When you buy it from a reputed dealer, you are also sure of getting an original Rolex and that too at a much lower price.

You get to avoid many taxes: Sales tax and other such additional expenses that come along with a brand new purchase can be evaded when you buy a pre-owned Rolex. Many of these taxes significantly add to the final price of your Rolex.

Many pre-owned Rolex are ever green: If you think that when you buy a pre-owned Rolex, you will probably wind up with an outdated model that no one uses anymore, you might want to think again. Just like any other class luxury brands, Rolex has carved a niche for itself. And their evergreen designs remain in vogue at all times.

You can return the Rolex in sometime and still get a price for it: It might sound like a dream, but you can actually buy a pre-owned Rolex, use it for a while and when you think you have had enough of it, you can actually sell it back and even get a good price for it.

A luxury investment like this one rarely fails.…

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