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A relationship starts with love and it sometimes ends in breakup just because they feel bored in the relationship. How come a wonderful relationship becomes bored after some time? Do you want your lovely relationship to stay fresh forever? Then, try to follow some of the below advice.

  • There are both positive and negative things that come into a relationship. Nobody can be perfect always. (I know there is a smile on your faceJ). Yeah, that’s true. But, do not keep pointing out the negative things alone. Let the positive and negative ratio be 5:1.
  • Relationship of people who talk a lot is better than the one who talks less. Though you may be busy with your work, take some time every day to share your feelings with your partner.
  • When your partner does something new or something good, give them a compliment. Appreciate each other. Share your love of appreciation by giving them a wonderful gift. Don’t just ask how to get your girlfriend the perfect gift? It all comes from the heart. If you are really confused about it, browse through online shopping sites and get a wonderful gift.
  • Encourage one another. When your partner feels down, boost his or her emotions by talking positive words.
  • Give your ears when the other one is talking. Listen to each other without interrupting. Let them feel that their words are heard and not let loose.
  • Be ready to apologize when you have done something wrong. In the same way, be ready to forgive when your partner apologizes from their heart.
  • Thank each other even for silly things. Don’t take them for granted.
  • Respect one another and respect the feeling of one another.
  • Last but not the least; Be patient.  Don’t just break up, just because either of you made a mistake. Patience can soften a rock. As said above mistakes are common in a relationship.