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Planning to go shopping for groceries? Here is how you can shop healthy.

Make a list

It is important to go prepared. Plan out your weekly meal and then list out the ingredients that you need to purchase. This works in two ways. It does not let you spend extra and waste your money on things that you have at home. The list also does not tempt you to buy stuff that you do not need. So save on money and calories when you shop with a list.

Go with your stomach full

The best time to plan a grocery shopping is post lunch or dinner. This is when your stomach will be full and you will not be tempted to pick up the junk on the shelf. When you go shopping empty stomach then you mind craves for food and draws you towards the shelf that stores junk and processed food.

Fresh Produce

Instead of opting for cut food and processed food, buy the fresh produces. The fresh vegetable and fruits are not just good to save money but also let you eat healthily.

Read the label

Not everything that is advertised as healthy is healthy. A packaged meal could have many healthy ingredients and thus it may be labeled as healthy. But at the same time, there could be a lot of salt and sugar in it that the label misses highlighting. So read through the ingredients and check the percentage content of every ingredient before you shop.


The store may have put up some bargains that will let you save a lot of money for the purchases, however for them only when the bargain is for the healthy food section. If the discounts are leading you towards the unhealthy section then stay away from it.

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