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For the latest trends in fashion for all the updates about trending accessories keep checking the fashion blogs. For example, these replicas of designer handbags look very real and there are many who do not hesitate to flaunt them even in their social media profiles. Similar such trends and budget-friendly fashion ideas can be found on social media sites. Here are the 10 fashion essentials that will help you get through 2019 like a fashion loving person –

  1. A casual fit jean will go places. There are many celebrities who have already been spotted wearing jeans that are not anywhere close to skinny.
  2. Corduroy blazers, if you have them bring them out this year. This is a trend that is catching up.
  3. It is time for cargo pants, again. And after all who doesn’t love comfortable fashion!
  4. A headband is antique and a headband now is trendy too. So bring out those stylish hair accessories to look cool.
  5. Loafers and sneakers with high heels are comfortable thanks to their platform heels. These are also trending this year.
  6. Denim pants and denim shirts? You are all set to rock the stage. Denim shirts are sure to be found in most girls’ wardrobes and these are found doing the rounds in social media.
  7. Bike shorts are not just for your bike rides anymore. These convenient pair of shorts are currently super famous.
  8. Lacy blouses and jackets have always been popular and they are going to be popular in the coming years too.
  9. Crochet is another old trend that is again resurfacing like a pro.
  10. If you have a sleek pair of black tights you are going to thank yourself this year.

So how many of these do you own and how many are you going to bring out from the thrift store sales?…

Fashion Accessories