So once you have finally decided on investing in some fun sex toys, it is just a matter of what you and your partner like and when you choose what to buy.

There is a wide range of sex toys to buy for beginners starting from handcuffs, various types of bondages and dildos and vibrators and much more. If you and your partner are intrigued by the anal play part of sexual exploration then there is enough choice for you too.

Butt plugs are one of the most common, comparatively safe anal play sex toys. They are available in different variants for those who are just dipping their toes in this to those who swear by the sexual pleasures derived from the anus.

More about Butt Plugs

These are all about stimulating the anus and the area around it. This area is delicate and full of pleasurable nerve endings. These plugs are meant to be inserted inside the anus, with a tapering end and a shaft. The base of these plugs usually is flared for safety purpose. The tip widens towards the shaft and is meant to stretch the skin in the anus. This stretching stimulates the pleasure nerves and offers immense sexual pleasure.

This pleasure can be enjoyed by men as well as women. Also, one can have a sexual intercourse while having a one inserted inside the anus.

To add to the sensations and make your role play game even more exciting. This sex toy is also available in variants that include animal tail ends near the plug.

Fox tail Butt plugs

These are exciting butt plugs that have a real or faux fox tail fur. The tail resembles the one of fox and adds more stimulation and fun. You can check out the fox tail butt plugs available at love plugs. These tails not just tickle your thighs and add more sensation, but also act as a gentle whip when you ride your partner.