Bedroom Design ideas for the Modern Mom

A bedroom is a place to relax, rejuvenate and be oneself. Most of our time is spent in our bedrooms. So, it’s quite natural to pay much-needed attention in designing the most desired and fantasized abode.

Why is it so important?

A bedroom is a place equal to haven which brings tranquility to our mind, a place where one can forget the long day chores and curl up with a good book or watch some TV, or simply relax away. This ideal or the me time is important in today’s busy world, with a family, children and work life to juggle. Here are few suggested changes that can be adapted to create your own heaven and lillysplace would be an ideal place to start with:

The magic portion (sleep): Mattress play a requisite aspect in our life, as a good sleep is a key to healthy body and mind. Choosing the right one with perfect size, height, length is crucial. Make sure the mattress and the cot don’t crowd the room and it is soft enough for you to call it a day and take you to the wondrous slumber of dreams.

Colors: Choice of colors should be unique at the same time make sure that you don’t have bright colors that would hamper your sleep as well as eyes. Painting some pastel colors would help in stimulating you for longer slumber at the same time give you ample opportunity to decorate and design the room with contrast accessories.

Avoid gridlock: Make sure the room is not cluttered with too much of furniture and tables. A corner with a single seated sofa and a table to be used for study or for laptops are important. Make sure you have ample space to walk around or for the kids to run. The wardrobes are to be built and craved proportionately. Around one corner a small mini library could be maintained for thirsty minds.

Frames: These are a must to give that personal touch to the room. You can hang the pictures of your loved ones or the milestones that you achieved both at the personal and professional front, which are to be cherished lifelong.

Apart from the above-stated points, one can pay attention and care in selecting the right screens, bedspreads, carpets and the flooring, lighting etc.