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For gamers, there will be lot of things that would run in mind over the choice of devices they use to play the games effectively. There might be questions regarding the viability of the fight stick over the traditional controller. Questions might also be raised as to whether “fight stick would really make the gaming experience feel good” and the “advantages and disadvantages of the fight stick” and so on. So, here are answers to some of your questions.


One of the biggest question on fight stick is its price. Fight sticks, as you may know, is quite expensive when compared to the other devices. There are of course, some cheap fight sticks that are sold below $40. But most of them are very costly and cost half the price of the console. Gamers who can’t spend much on the gadgets won’t find the fight sticks within their budget. If you still want to buy a fight stick for gaming, then you need to settle in for an entry level stick as opposed to the recommended full size sticks.

Better Games

Does a fight stick make a fighting game better? It depends on few other factors. A fight stick in itself, cannot make a gamer a better player. But if the gamer has a solid feeling while playing with the stick, then it wouldn’t be a problem. It is purely based on the individual’s comfort level. If he can fight better with a fight stick, then preference can be given to the fight stick.


For novices, transitioning from a pad/controller to a fight stick is sometimes difficult. There might be some weaknesses in the movements as people might tend to jump accidentally while trying to dash and so on. A fight stick has a wider range of motion but this where there is a potential to make more errors as it is free form motion.

To conclude, it is not a matter of what is best and what is not. But it is a matter of preference and comfort. For new comers, though, there is a lot to learn while playing with fight stick and one needs to know their own strengths and weaknesses.


Online businesses are using coupons and codes and discounts and promotions as an effective marketing strategy to increase sales. These methods are all means to increase conversions and create a feeling of scarcity which induces people to buy more.

Another advantage to the business is that these discount codes especially are a great way to track sales and identify the departments that are doing really well. They can optimize on these results and build their business better.

Advantage to the buyer

If you are prudent you can make a lot of savings by buying all goods necessary using these promotions and codes. Especially in the field of electronics where with each passing year, new gadgets are hitting the market and our dependence on these goods and services is increasing. Acquiring all these gizmos is an expensive affair and hence the best time to buy them is by using coupons and codes or at sales and.

Electronic vouchers

Luckily for the gadget lover, there are several websites like Vouchercloud and Savoo which offer electronic voucher codes. Even Amazon, eBay, and other electronic retailers are wooing customers with these codes. As a customer, you can enjoy the fruits of this marketing strategy by availing mega discounts on gizmos of your choice.

You can even look for Very voucher codes, the online retail store where you can buy anything and everything, for buying electronics along with other household goods.

Other benefits with these vouchers

When you use these codes or coupons you not only save on the cost price but sometimes also get real benefits like extended warranties,  free delivery, and even free installation if you are really lucky. So you can bid goodbye to stress filled shopping, hours of waiting and the hustle and jostle of crowded angry impatient buyers.


Set an alert on your phone or your laptop for the latest deals and promotions and buy gadgets for a steal.

It is every person’s desire to keep his/her home clean. We stack up a lot of cleaning products at home just under our kitchen sink. However, as an experiment trade cleaning products in your house for milder less toxic alternatives and see the difference.


The common cleaning products that we buy in our household contains lot of toxic ingredients in high percentages. Some of the ingredients are Ammonia, Chlorine and many anti-bacterial agents that clean our home but eventually leave unnecessary toxins that take a toll on our health. We too are of the idea that the more chemicals that we use, the cleaner our home becomes. This is not true.

Environment and Health

The harsh chemicals found in the cleaning products not only break down the stains at home but they also affect our body when it touches our skin. As most of the urban spaces are small, regular use of the cleaning agents make them get trapped inside the space and they are not allowed to escape. This means that any harsh product that you use is what you touch and breathe. The fumes that come from the cheap products are three times more likely to affect our health and cause cancer than the other milder cleaning products.  Just like our health, the environment also get too much affected by the chemicals.

Go for Milder Products

There are newer and natural cleaning products that have come up in the market. They take the greener approach to cleaning. Trade cleaning products like these instead of using harsh products. Most of the environmental friendly products are more than 90% natural and made from natural products that are safe to use. Also, the bottles that are used for packing are 100% recyclable.

You should also keep in mind that natural products or the milder versions of the chemical products cost more than the usual harsh ones. But the prices are sure to come down as they become more popular and bigger. The idea is to protect our health and the environment and not to simply buy cleaning products. Let us be earth-friendly!

You brought home a brand new pet and have no idea how to raise him? Considering that only the most expensive branded ready meals are best for your dog can often be a mistake.

What is important is to give your dog, healthy dog food, that is best suited for their age, size, and level of activity. Sometimes simple home cooked meals suffice, while some dogs may have specific requirements. Depending upon the size and breed of your dog you can figure out healthy food options for your pet.

Know more about branded healthy dog food options

You often read packets of dog food with words like, ‘gourmet’, ‘natural’, ‘calorie dense’ etc. You must not completely go by what the food packet says. A well marketed product doesn’t mean it is actually the best.

A branded meal option must suit both the dog as well as your pocket. When looking for healthy dog food, always refer to your vet who will be able to pick out the best option that suits you both. You can check out the post made by Adam to help you further.

What warning signs to watch out for?

If you dog starts vomiting, has bouts of diarrhea, foul smelling stools or gets too gassy, or even if he/she refuses meals you must figure out that the dog isn’t doing well on the food provided and a change is required.

Dogs may experience hives or rashes across their skin in case if they are allergic to certain components in the meals. You must pay close attention to all the signs.

Another factor to watch out for is your dog’s weight. Healthy dog food given in moderate quantities will not make your dog over weight. However, certain meals contain empty calories and useless fillers which give rise to extra weight in dogs.

Always ensure you healthy dog food contains all the essential nutrients in the right quantities best suited for your dog.

There are various types of cooking in this world that have evolved over time, for example Barbeque is something that has become more popular these days, similarly sous vide is a type of cooking that originated in France and it is becoming popular. People are now trying to find out the best sous vide cooker of 2017 to buy to make delicious sous vide cooked food.

The following are some of the traits of a good sous vide cooker

Accuracy: The reason why one chooses a sous vide cooker is that the temperature has to be uniform throughout and hence having hot and cold spots of water is a no brainer. In cases like cooking eggs even a 1 degree inaccuracy could make a lot of difference to the final output. Thus go for a cooker that has good accuracy.

Speed: Though the principle of sous vide is to cook at lower temperatures than normal and to allow food to be cooked longer, it is not pragmatic in this modern world. Besides there is no point in waiting for water to get heated to desired temperature for long, thus a power heater is needed to get the water to desired heat as quickly as possible.

Adaptability: A good cooker should occupy only reasonable amount of space. It should also be flexible to accommodate different sized vessels. The product should also be robust and stable enough to handle usual wear and tear. Wi-Fi connectivity is another important factor these days, however the on board settings should also be there and should suffice our day to day needs.

Cost: Ideally price should not matter for a good product. However there is no point in shelling extra money for a brand just because the brand is popular. There are good cookers available at a lesser cost as well. So do not just fall for jazzy exteriors and pricey brands, look for one that has better traits overall and buy that.